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790 Coronado Center Dr., #150, Henderson, NV 89052



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Jacobi is a well known person in the community. Just one encounter with him you will feel as if he were a high school buddy or a close family member. He has a great sense of humor as well as a caring heart. The thing that intrigued me the most is the way he loves his mother and the way he feels he has to be a part of his kids’ lives—every step of the way. Also, he loves being married to this beautiful, exotic-looking young lady whose eyes just light up as they look at each other during this interview. She’s very soft spoken and loves watching him be the man of her dreams as well as the head of the household. Not only does he have the love of his family-his friends have a deep love for him, too.

Jacobi’s belief in his friends runs deep. Whenever you see ads, these people have been with him since the beginning. He says, “From day one, before my company became successful these people believed in me and my dreams. They had careers and did things for free to make sure I was successful in my field. Now we all are making money, but that was my plan to make everyone well off, who believed in me and my dreams. My word is all I had. And now my dream and the careers of my friends are coming true. There’s no other place I would want to be - other than in the presence of my customers, my family and loved ones that I came in this clothing industry with. May God bless us on our journey to being #1 for our customers as well as the respect of my name!”

It began with Jacobi’s grandfather, Oscar, who was a custom shoe maker from the old country. He came to America and made custom shoes for the Vietnam veterans that were returning from war, disabled with missing limbs. As you can see, Jacobi always had role models to learn from that taught him as they worked on their crafts.

Jacobi attended Wayne State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. He also spent a year in Toronto, Canada, working under the teaching of Mr. Lou Myles, one of the best custom clothing maestros in the world. After that experience, Mr. Jacobi went on to New York to start his designing career where he dressed windows on Madison Avenue and made custom clothing for many Fortune 500 executives. His skill and craftmanship led him to Las Vegas where he has become more focused on his goals and is continuing on his way to a successful future in clothing.

Jacobi is the owner of Jacobi’s of New York, a fine Italian clothing and accessory store established in 1997. Jacobi’s specializes in upscale client services including travel to the client’s home or business.
Formerly Jacobi was the President of “Jacobi’s Factory Direct, Las Vegas” partner and manager, Kerkorian Fashions Las Vegas, NV; and owner operator of Jacobi’s New York, NY. He is a fashion consultant for WB Las Vegas and Excel Communications, NV. Jacobi also wardrobes many South Beach, Miami hotel executives. Mr. Jacobi is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and Social Registrar of Las Vegas. He is the Vice President of Grand Hills Resort & Country Club.

When asked about his controversial commercials he says, “It’s actors and models. It’s all entertainment, something to catch your attention as well as your ear. My song is known all over town - so that shows something about my commercial. Yes, they were eye catching but now we are more corporate and toned down. We made our mark, now we’re on another level in this business. But I would do it just the same all over again, no regrets - because some people really know it’s entertainment only, but you have some that can’t tell the difference. We will pray for them.” As he smiles, “I’m no different from Steve Wynn, Donald Trump or anyone else in business. Marketing is the key to a great business and it’s my plan to make you want to come see my store- even if you come for the girls. I have great beautiful workers to greet you as you shop for the best we have to offer.”

Jacobi has also become known as,”The Vegas Fashion Guru™” and now has offers insight on his weekly hour-long radio program. His notoriety and expertise has made him a sought-after fashion consultant to the world.

He continues, “All of my customers are very open minded people that shop to find the best fit and feel with colors that compliment their skin tone and mood they’re feeling that day as well as for the event they’re attending. I like to call those people internationally well rounded people, which is not a put-down to local people. Just because you may not have the ability to shop all around the world doesn’t mean you’re not open minded people and that is why I enjoy bringing the world of fashion directly to Las Vegas.

Jacobi’s honors include a full featured spread in Society Magazine in 1999, a B.A. in Fashion Merchandizing from Wayne State University . He is married and has three children. Jacobi has been a Southern Nevada resident since 1995. He has been recognized in Who’s Who Magazine and profiled in Destinguished Men of Southern Nevada. In 2006, Jacobi received a National Leadership Award by the Republican Committee and was named Businessman of the Year by the Business Advisory Council.

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