Wild Card Wednesdays!

Program Details:
Information goes here to describe who's eligible. What they need to purchase for qualification.

Which Wednesdays?
It's not every Wednesday. It's special Wednesdays, so make sure you check out our daily email blast for the special code to entered at checkout.

No refunds or exchanges on the free certificate (No backsies! If you don't want to use it, bequeath it to a friend that might enjoy it.) All our certificates have an expiration date and the free certificates are no exception. We are not responsible if you lose your certificate and cannot guarantee that someone else won't use it.
One free certificate per purchase per member. No cash value / change given. 3oclockclub.com reserves the right to deny distribution of a certificate to any club member at any time due to disqualification (you know who you are).


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When you click on details it will go to the page with information above.


This is the Email blast graphic. You will have to provide the special code below or how ever the program works.